Saturday, March 25, 2017

Reminders of a couple of contributors to this subject

Since I was thinking again about the churches' abandonment of the women's head covering as near the beginning, if not itself the beginning of the fall of the Church in the last century or so, and therefore the moral deterioration of the culture we spend so much time thinking about these days, I reviewed some of the contributions of the subject that inspired this blog. 

One of the latest was David Phillips' very thorough research into the history of the Church's views on the head covering, Headcovering Throughout Christian History, in which he uncovered the trends toward its abandonment earlier than I'd suspected.  I'm a fairly superficial scholar, not really knowing how to dig out such things, and I'm very impressed at his scholarship.  He has another book on the subject, I see, which I haven't read yet.  Both are Kindle books at Amazon, which is frustrating since a historical study like his first deserves to be in print to make it an easier reference.

Another source that was important in getting this blog up and running was Brian Schwertley's article, Head Coverings in Public Worship.  He also has a series of sermons on head covering at Sermon Audio.  When I first found his article as I was putting together this blog I had never heard of him, and in fact still hadn't heard of him until very recently when I was reading Rosaria Butterfield's book about her conversion, where she mentions the effect of his Reformed theology on her understanding of the worship practices in her Reformed Presbyterian Church.  That gave him a very welcome identity as a Reformed theologian, which to my mind is a solid recommendation and I wanted to put up a reminder of his contribution on this blog.

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